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Our mission

Our mission is to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency on a global scale by creating an intuitive, easy to use application that is suitable for wide scale usage. We expect mass adoption within the next 3 years. Anyone who needs to make a consultation via the Experty app will also have a cryptocurrency wallet in their pocket.

Our current focus is on solving the talent crisis in the blockchain community by allowing experts to monetize their skills through a skype-like voice and video application. Payments are handled through an automated smart contract system using Experty’s native token EXY. This will let companies obtain the talent they need, allowing the blockchain community to continue to expand and flourish.

Why use Experty?

1.Instant access

There are a lack of incentives to share phone numbers with strangers and answer their calls. Experty aims to solve this problem. Through Experty any influencer, professional, or expert can grant instant access to their knowledge from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world.

2.Instant answers

Calls can be made over Experty with very little setup. This means that answers from qualified experts can be obtained at short notice. Per minute rates are set by publicly rated experts, and refunds can be given via the smart contract if they fail to provide adequate service.

3.Instant payment

Experty allows experts to be paid instantly for time they spend on a call, without going through third party intermediaries. Callers don’t have to pay upfront, as payment is handled during the call through our smart contract system.

Who plans to use Experty?

Omar Bham

YouTube's "Crypt0"​


Blockchain Community Influencer


Popular Polish Community Youtuber

David @airdropalert

Analyst airdrops for


Head of ICOs @ Bitcoin Suisse

Ken Liu

ICO and Token Mechanics Expert, Investor Relations

Thomas Linder

MME, Legal and Tax advisory

Moe Levin

Founder of Blockchain Forum


The Protocol for Securing Smart Contracts

Bitcoin Suisse

Swiss-based financial service provider specializing in crypto-assets

How experty works

use cases

Use Cases

The Experty app allows blockchain influencers, advisors, and developers, and companies to monetize their time and knowledge.

  • Blockchain Influencers – Influential individuals have the power to sway masses, set trends, and bring attention to promising blockchain projects.
  • Blockchain YouTubers – Popular YouTubers, such as Omar Bham from Crypt0’s News, have large audiences wanting to contact them directly. Due to time restrictions, direct contact usually occurs through comment replies or live streams. Omar has expressed interest in using Experty to schedule consultations with those that want his direct attention. Integrating with our platform will allow Youtubers an additional income stream by charging for private calls.
  • Advisors – Short consultations with successful business advisors can become a critical pivot point for many companies on all levels.
  • Developers – Talented developers are hard to find, and their skills are often needed for multiple projects. Experty allows them to easily get involved on new projects and be paid for their work.
  • ICO Hotlines ICOs have become very popular. Companies and associations such as Bitcoin Suisse and CryptoValley Association deal with huge amounts of requests every day. These organizations are interested in using Experty as a hotline, so that people can pay to talk with specific people within the organizations.
  • Paid Premium Support – It can be difficult for exchanges to handle the high volume of support requests they get. Instead of waiting, customers can skip the line and pay for premium support.


To increase decentralization, we have decided to depart from the classic approach of creating a marketplace where users can search for a specialist. The market is already fully saturated with such services.

Instead of using a central marketplace, we are implementing a completely decentralized solution. Users are free to share their Experty contact information wherever they want, such as discussion boards, Linkedin profiles, their websites, Twitter, etc. This way, blockchain experts aren’t limited to a single marketplace.

This approach allows us to omit two huge problems:

  • Identity of the Experts, which is already verified by third party services.
  • Lack of potential customers, because of a large amount of users in already existing services.



In our first year we will work with influencers and companies in the blockchain space to increase adoption of the application. Later on, we would like to expand and integrate with large portals such as GitHub, Linkedin, Quora, and Coursera.

We believe it's a very efficient go-to-market strategy and win-win situation between the users, the company and large web portals. Using a revenue sharing model, they will have an incentive to integrate the platform into their existing system. We will also provide them software development services in order to make the integration process as smooth as possible.

Experty Token

The Experty Token (EXY) is a major constituent of the Experty platform. EXY is created only during the Token Generation Event. EXY is a utility token that will be used for the following:

  • EXY  will be used for all free payments from advice seekers to knowledge providers
  • EXY  will be staked by users for access to premium features
  • EXYwill be used by advice seekers as a deposit for advance scheduling with a knowledge provider

All use cases above have 0 additional fees in order to use them. All this comes 100% free for EXY users.

There are additional fees, always paid in EXY, for additional services.

  • If a knowledge provider accepts other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin (RSK will make it possible) then the knowledge provider will be obliged to pay monthly subscription fees in EXY
  • We plan to implement stable coins in the future to accept FIAT based tokens like USD and EUR. This will make the application easier to use for non crypto-wise people (all FIAT based tokens will be kept on the blockchain like USDT). We plan to work with different FIAT based tokens providers. This service will have additional fees, always paid in EXY


use cases


Our core technical team comes from the web consulting company ReactPoland. They have years of experience developing applications, as well as a deep understanding of consulting and the problems that arise when billing clients. Partnered with experienced leaders and international team members, the Experty team is prepared to take on challenges and ensure the success of the company.

CEO Founder


CTO CO-Founder


Solidity engineer, co-founder

Blaise Mathai

Communications Manager

Sarah Khan

Project Director


Full Stack Developer

Hubert Stemplewski

Mobile Developer

Alex Kowalczuk

Software QA

Adam Strzempa

Mobile Developer

Patryk Szczyglo

Mobile Developer

Pawel Rokosz

Frontend Developer


Marketing Manager


Mobile Developer

Daniel Chmiel

Fullstack developer

Patryk Huzarski

Frontend Developer






Ex-CTO Bitfinex, CTO of Tether & BLOCKv

Richard Ma

CEO of Quantstamp


Ethereum, Golem, Software Architect


Blockchain Community Influencer


FinTechWeek Founder, Marketing Strategist


Popular Polish Community Youtuber


Head of ICOs @ Bitcoin Suisse


Security & Blockchain Advisor

Chris Hunichen

ICO and Token Mechanics Expert, Investor Relations

Ken Liu

ICO and Token Mechanics Expert, Investor Relations

Mauro Cappiello

Experty AG Board Member, Legal and Business Advisory

Thomas Linder

MME, Legal and Tax advisory

Moe Levin

Founder of Blockchain Forum




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