SKYPE-LIKE APP FOR PAID CALLS unlocks untapped human potential world wide

Currently, there is a lack of incentive to share phone numbers with strangers or pick up random calls as doing so would leave one flooded with calls and waste a great deal of time. This causes a lost opportunity for business and additional frustration for knowledge seekers not sure where to turn. Every single hour, thousands of potential consultations do not happen because of these issues.

Our solution is to create incentives and make this transaction possible. We want to achieve this by creating a paid decentralized calling platform. A recipient would get money directly from a caller based on their conversation time via an Ethereum smart-contract. The knowledge provider receives Ethereum tokens in exchange to share his or her advice with a caller.

We have created a Skype and WeChat-like application with money settlement invisibly done on the Ethereum blockchain. Even without the knowledge of blockchain, Bitcoin, or Ethereum, a knowledge seeker will be able to eventually use the application through the fiat gateway.

The blockchain, like knowledge, knows no borders. This will create a potential for new jobs in the world, even for those without access to the traditional banking system can trade their knowledge on a global marketplace.


use cases


The system is suitable many knowledge providers including but not limited to lawyers, medical consultants, therapists, and academic professors. Celebrities, bloggers, influencers, and popular YouTubers can also share their profiles to monetize contact with their audience.

  • Lawyers– frequently, one needs quick ad-hoc knowledge from a lawyer. The most common method today is through an in-person consultation to avoid the payment settlement problem, even when it may be easier to complete this over the phone.
  • Medical Consultants– similar to lawyers, there are instances when phone conversations are perfectly suitable for provider and patient. With concierge medicine and telemedicine on the rise, doctors and patients are now regularly participating in everyday checkups or consultations through the Internet. These services are also crucial for those in rural and/or underserved areas, especially those who suffer from chronic illnesses requiring frequent doctor visits.
  • Programmers– most of the people from our team are programmers themselves. We are frequently called upon as consultants. When working in a large company, there are usually multiple colleagues available for feedback. This is not the case when doing freelance work. There are discussion boards and web chats to pose questions, but no financial incentive to provide an answer, leaving many waiting for a reply.
  • Business Advisors– short consultations with successful business owners can become a critical pivot point for many companies on all levels.
  • Professors– massive open online courses (MOOCs) are becoming increasingly popular. Professors or distributors may have limited time and availability to answer questions that arise. Experty will help triage and prioritize their time.
  • Language Learning– listening to foreign languages when learning is as important as attempting to speak the language yourself. With Experty, you can call anyone in the world and have a live conservation for any language when speakers are available.
  • Webcam Chats– paid one-on-one video-chats with camera models are popular services which currently require an intermediary for payment settlement. The user must also provide credit card information to a third party company. The models’ network also takes a percentage of the profits. Experty would allow discreet, secure, and direct payment from user to provider.
  • Bloggers & YouTubers– both groups have large audiences wanting to contact them directly. Due to time restrictions, direct contact usually occurs through comment replies or live streams. Integrating with our platform will allow these individuals to provide additional monetization of their audience group by charging for private calls.
  • Celebrities & Influencers– similar to bloggers and YouTubers, celebrities and influencers often have time constraints preventing them from contacting their audience directly. Experty allows for monetization of this direct contact with their audience.
  • Charity Donations– celebrities or well-known individuals frequently give their time for charity. Experty would allow for increased transparency of funds through the Blockchain and a decrease in costs or fees taken by intermediaries.


To build a fully decentralized platform we decided to depart from the classic approach of creating our own Marketplace where users can search for a specialist. The current market is already supersaturated with services in which knowledge seekers can easily find Experts - who are already verified.

Instead of having a centralized marketplace, we are implementing a totally decentralized solution. Users will be able to share their contact information wherever they’d like, such as discussion boards, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook profiles, on their websites, Twitter, etc. while app will be responsible for knowledge for money exchange.

This approach allows us to omit two huge problems:

  • Identity of the Experts, which is already verified by third party services.
  • Lack of potential customers, because of a large amount of users in already existing services.

Product roadmap

Go to market strategy


Large portals like,,,,,, and many others will have incentive to integrate our platform to their website.

We believe it's a very efficient go-to-market strategy and win-win situation between the users, the company and large web portals. Using a revenue sharing model, they will have an incentive to integrate the platform into their existing system. We will also provide them software development services in order to make the integration process as smooth as possible.


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