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Experty is a tool that connects you to your community. Set your price and open up a new stream of revenue using voice calls.

Do You Receive Inquiries?

You know the answer, but how do you reward a fair use of your time?


Turn Inquiries Into Opportunities

Set your call rate per minute, and answer the questions worth your time.


Now Your Knowledge is Unleashed!

No marketplace, no hassle, secured earning


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Meet the Experts

Video Marketing Expert / Popular YouTuber

I don’t have much time, but I love to answer questions by the minute. Now I can!


Richard Shibi

Blockchain Consultant & ICO Adviser

No need to build yet an another profile. It’s the most convenient and secure way to reach me.

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Ralf P. Gerteis

Entrepreneur / ICO advisor

Now I can instantly share my experience with ambitious founders peer-to-peer and with feeless payments.

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Giovanni Casagrande

Business & Blockchain advisor

I was using Skype & Paypal… That Experty tool is a game changer, it brings easiness and trust!

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